Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Now is the perfect time to get your Tampa area home ready for your holiday house guests! Although this can seem like added stress, there are simple steps you can take to prepare the rooms in your home and keep everyone comfortable for the big feast!


Throughout the House: Declutter the common areas and guest rooms of your house. Clear off all counter and table tops of unnecessary items. Store the clutter out of the way. Add nighlights to hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms so guests can easily navigate their way in the dark.

Foyer: Remove your items from this area and create spaces for guests to store theirs. Add a welcome mat to protect your floor from dirt. Make it easy for guests to remove their shoes by adding a seat to your entryway.

Kitchen: Make sure your kitchen is cleared of any unnecessary appliances or items so you can cook with ease on Thanksgiving. Create space by moving the coffee machine into a different common room for your guests to use. Add additional seating in the kitchen so you can enjoy the company of your guests as you prepare the feast.

Bathrooms: Stock up on toilet paper, towels, and toiletries for your guests. Make sure that all of these items can be easily found by placing them on open shelves or in baskets. Avoid falls in the tub by adding a bathmat.

Bedrooms: Allow your guests to control the temperature while they sleep by adding a ceiling fan to your guest bedroom. Make sure they have a good supply of blankets and pillows. If guests have to sleep in public areas, consider using a folding screen that can be easily stored so guests can enjoy some privacy.


Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Tampa!