You've found your dream home, now comes the task of making the preparations for your big move.  Moving is very stressful on all individuals, but equally as stressful on your furry friends! Calm the anxiety and make your move a smooth one with these tips:

1. Talk with your Vet- make sure to make one last appointment with your veterinarian to follow-up on any vaccinations needed, re-checks on health issues and to gather all your records for transfer to your new location.

2. Name & Address Tags- It's important to make sure your pets have updated tags showing name and your new address.  That way if they should accidentally get away from you, you can be notified when they are found.

3. Create an overnight bag- If you've moved before you realize that it takes some time to organize yourself in your new home.  This is especially true for your pets. Make sure you create a separate overnight bag that includes; food, water, treats, their favorite toy and a bed to sleep on.  This way you won't be digging through boxes to find what they need.

4. Transport Pets in your own vehicle- whenever possible.  Pets need the security of having 'you' by their side during the move.  Changing locations is stressful enough, but making them ride with another person or transporting them separately, can cause many health and emotional issues for them.

5. Get them acclimated to their new home.  If possible, take your pets to your new home prior to the move so they have some time to 'sniff' around and get used to their new surroundings.  If this isn't possible, take time the day of the move to let them scope out the house before your furniture and belongings are brought in.

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