The new year has officially begun. Ready to start crossing off those New Year's resolutions? Start with taking care of your Tampa area home! January is the perfect time to take care of some of those home maintenance tasks you have been putting off. Here are our top 5 home maintenance projects to complete this month!

#1 Deep Clean Your Kitchen! Your kitchen did some hard work over this past holiday season. Give it some TLC know that things have settled down. Do a thorough deep cleaning throughout the kitchen. Clean out your fridge and pantry (donate what you can!). Scrub inside and outside of all appliances. Clean the walls, kickboards, and floors.

#2 Stock Up On Linens! White sales, i.e. sales on linens and towels, has become a January tradition. Freshen up your home with crisp linens and plush towels at incredible deals. Reuse old towels as rags.

#3 Organize Seasonal Items! It's time to put away the holiday decor. Now is the perfect opportunity to create an organized space for these items. Take inventory and declutter your items. Find an easily accessible spot for your newly organized decor so you are all set for the next holiday season!

#4 Clean Your Home's Filters! Clean EVERY filter in your home. This includes your HVAC, air filter, clothes dryer, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, dehumifier, and more. It’s not just your HVAC. Check the manufacturer instructions for all the filters in your home. Filters should be cleaned or changed out once a year to keep the item running properly. Create a schedule for the month to clean all the filters found throughout your home and be set for the year ahead.

#5 Prepare Summer Projects! Have some landscaping or exterior projects you want to complete this summer? Start planning for them now! By planning ahead of time, you are prepared as soon as you have the free time and weather conditions to get started. It also provides you with time to gather bids from potential contracters and lock them in before their schedules are fully booked.

Check out The Sper Group website throughout the year for more helpful home maintenance tips!